The Challenge

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) was rebuilding their suite of occupational training and needed to ensure the training aligned with the National Occupational Standards. To do this, MiHR needed a National Occupational Training Standard (NOTS), which outlines all the knowledge and competencies a worker needs to do a job, and guides quality training, curriculum design, and development.

The NOTS represented the foundational piece in MiHR’s long-term objective to update its occupational training suite. It was crucial that we delivered NOTS on time and on budget so MiHR could move on to the next phase of the project: developing training packages for every occupation.

“Brittany and Allana are consummate professionals. They are leaders in their field and are a pleasure to work with, collaborative and always get the job done. We recommend AligneDesigns to anyone looking to achieve a training or learning goal.”

Pascale Larouche

Director, Training and Workforce Development
Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR)

The Process

Since AligneDesigns was already developing a training package for the Frontline Supervisor occupation, we were a natural fit to write the NOTS.

With our experience developing competency-based frameworks, AligneDesigns wrote clear learning outcomes that accurately describe what learners are expected to know or do at the end of a learning experience.

From past collaboration with MiHR, we had a deep understanding of the organization’s training culture, structure, and needs. This familiarity enabled us to get straight to work and complete the work more efficiently.

We also built a strong collaborative rapport with the MiHR team. On top of planned progress reports, we were also able to check in quickly to brainstorm or troubleshoot, keeping the project on track and on point.

The Result

AligneDesigns developed the NOTS on time and on budget, enabling MiHR to move seamlessly to the next phase of the project. We also provided detailed recommendations to support the future development of the training packages.

Due to our efficient delivery of the NOTS and the valuable recommendations we provided, MiHR had the blueprints they needed to plan and execute the project overall.

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