Certified instructional designers: Your trusted, approachable, dedicated partners in learning

AligneDesigns was founded and incorporated in 2019 by certified instructional designer Brittany McRae to develop custom learning and assessment experiences for corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

We apply our skills in learning theory, instructional design, and user experience design to build materials that provide the necessary knowledge and skill development. We use engaging and interactive approaches that learners can actively participate in. This increases enjoyment, knowledge retention, and the ability to quickly apply new skills.

We create a clear and distinct path for success through customized learning outcomes, learning materials, assessments by using innovative educational technologies. The experience of the learner is a driving force in creating successful learning solutions.

As a fully remote company we are highly effective at communicating as a team with partners and clients, ensuring expectations are clear via email, instant messaging, and Teams or Zoom. Our communication style is highly responsive, clear, approachable, and friendly. We listen to understand and stay focused on solutions.

Why choose a certified instructional designer?

The Canadian Association of Instructional Designers (CAID) is a national organization made up of members that have clearly demonstrated their proficiency using CAID Instructional Design Competencies in their work..

When hiring a CAID-certified instructional designer like Brittany, you can be certain that you’ll be working with an expert professional who is well-trained and able to apply evidence-based principles and innovative approaches to your organization’s training content.

Brittany McRae


Senior Instructional Designer

Brittany is a seasoned and certified instructional designer who crafts adult learning experiences that are tailored exactly to your organization’s needs.

Over the course of her 15-year career in education, Brittany has experienced learning from all angles—as a student, a K-12 teacher, a post-secondary professor, educational technology advisor, and an instructional designer.

Since 2014, Brittany has been creating training materials that inspire learners and nurture their growth at work. Brittany’s layers of experience inform her approach to instructional design, and she puts the learner’s experience first every step of the way.

A highly collaborative partner, Brittany will work with you to understand your organization’s needs. She’ll use innovative and evidence-based approaches to design engaging and practical training for your learners. Throughout the development process, Brittany will consult with you for feedback to ensure that the training is on track to meet your exact needs.

When she’s not working on creating inspiring instructional content, Brittany can be found outdoors—she loves hiking, camping, and paddleboarding—relaxing with a good book, practicing yoga, and making memories with her husband and two young daughters.

Certified by the Canadian Association of
Instructional Designers (CAID)

Leigha Covell


Instructional Designer

Leigha is a certified instructional designer with a decade of experience leading and collaborating on learning and training projects in both the higher education and corporate realms. Leigha brings a wealth of information and skills that will guarantee a positive experience designing your specific training needs.

In collaborating with Leigha, she will guide you in a systematic and reflective design process that involves developing learning outcomes and creating instructional materials to support those intended outcomes. Leigha will draw on learning theory and research-based practices to develop an engaging and meaningful learning experience.

Aside from wearing her Instructional Designer hat, Leigha is a mom of two young boys, a loving wife, and business partner. She is a cat mom and enjoys living in a rural setting with a large-acre lot (so much room to roam around!). On weekends, Leigha can be found swimming, hiking, or lounging with her family out on their boat in the lovely St. Lawrence River.

Certified by the Canadian Association of
Instructional Designers (CAID)

Meg Kilbride

MEd., BEd.,

B.Sc. (Hons), PCP

Instructional Designer

Meg is a seasoned human performance specialist that develops custom training for high-risk occupations. As a Training Development Officer (TDO) with the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), she has spent the last decade optimizing skill performance in alignment with operational requirements.

With a strong focus on assessing training gaps through needs analysis, Meg ensures that training is the right solution to a given challenge. Once training is selected as the optimal solution she ensures that type of training selected aligns to Key Performance Indicators (KPI). She is also highly-skilled in developing authentic, scenario-based, experiential assessments.

Meg is a dedicated mom of two busy boys, married to the love of her life, Rob who is also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. She loves to spend her time doing DIY home improvement projects, relaxing at her trailer, running, and playing volleyball.

Allana Chatterton

Project Manager
Instructional Design Associate

Allana is the glue that keeps us together, making sure AligneDesigns projects run on time and on budget.

Allana’s been working as a Project Manager since 2002 when she launched her career in Calgary’s busy construction industry. She switched gears in 2014, when she moved into the instructional design sector. Passionate about adult learning, Allana enjoys crafting training that helps people and makes the world a better place.

When you first meet Allana, she’ll do a deep dive to get to know your organization, your learners and their challenges. She’ll be in your corner from kick-off to final approval, keeping those lines of communication open every step of the way.

As Allana expertly manages your training project, she also supports the ID’s in designing training, editing deliverables, performing quality control, and user-testing projects before they launch.

When Allana isn’t skillfully handling AligneDesigns projects, she’s managing artistic and theatrical productions in the greater Nanaimo region, and exploring the world with her partner and their trusty pup.

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Brittany McRae
Owner and Senior Instructional Designer

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