The Challenge

Cycle Kingston is a registered charity that promotes and encourages cycling through education and public outreach, offering cycling education programs for all ages and abilities. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to all in-person courses, and Cycle Kingston needed a new way to engage with their community and fulfill their mission.

A provincial grant enabled Cycle Kingston to redesign their training so it could be delivered virtually, but it needed to include opportunities and instructions to practice cycling skills and gain feedback.

Cycle Kingston selected Ontario-based AligneDesigns, knowing we would add specific examples that would resonate with the community.

“We contracted AligneDesigns to develop online cycling training learning modules. AligneDesigns took the time to learn about our organization and to become familiar with cycling education methodologies and concepts. The extra attention paid to what we do and how we do it resulted in a superior product.

Brittany’s dedication to the project was admirable, especially as we were developing the content “by committee;” she kept us on track with virtual sharing tools to improve our workflow. Brittany was professional, patient, and flexible in scheduling the work around our needs. I’d highly recommend AligneDesigns to create eLearning materials for other not-for-profit organizations.”

Andy Mills

Cycle Kingston Inc.

The Process

We met with the Cycle Kingston team and their Board to identify the project needs and define how the eLearning experience would be different from the in-person training.

With the help of an engaged group of volunteer subject matter experts (SME), we distilled multiple generations of cycling experience into a modern delivery that appeals to younger cyclists with competing demands on their time.

When developing the training, we considered different learning styles and made sure to convey content using a variety of methods—for example, providing a written explanation of a skill, followed by a live-action demonstration video. As a local vendor, we planned, sourced, and oversaw the filming to ensure the videos effectively taught each skill.

The Result

AligneDesigns developed two eLearning modules—one for beginners and one for intermediate cyclists.

Both modules are easy for the community to access, and have improved safety on the roads. Since it was developed during the pandemic, it also opened the door to a safe outdoor activity that people could enjoy as social distancing practices were in effect.

While the social distancing mandate has ended, the eLearning modules enable Cycle Kingston’s volunteers to engage the community in practical skills, rather than having to teach the basics of cycling.

Cycle Kingston’s eLearning modules are geared toward the local region, but the training is available for free online to anybody who is interested.

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